Nicotine pouches are a convenient and discreet way of satisfying nicotine cravings without smoke, vapour or spitting. But what do you do with the pouch when you’ve finished using it?

We take a look at how you should dispose of your nicotine pouches and answer your nicotine pouch disposal questions.

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What To Do With a Used Nicotine Pouch

When you’ve finished using your nicotine pouch, it is safe to throw away in a bin. Nicotine pouches do not have an odour, and do not attract bugs or animals, so it’s safe to just put them in the bin.

If you’re wanting to be more discreet with your nicotine pouches, you can wrap them in a tissue, so they’re not lying obviously in the bin.

Use the Waste Compartment in Your Nicotine Pouch Can

If you’re on the go and need to dispose of your nicotine pouch, but there isn’t a bin about, then you can use the waste compartment in the top of your nicotine pouch can. Many pouch brands have a catch lid at the top of the can, where used pouches can be stored.

Our 4NX cans are designed with a waste compartment just in case a bin isn’t immediately accessible.

Use an Empty Tin For Disposal

Having an empty nicotine pouch tin to hand can be useful for disposal if you use a lot of nicotine pouches in a day, and it is inconvenient to get to a bin each time you use one. Save an empty tin in your bag or pocket and use it to store your used pouches. Then you can throw away the whole can when it is full.

Where Not To Throw Away Nicotine Pouches

Don’t give nicotine pouch users a bad name! Always dispose of your used pouches in a responsible manner in a bin or keep it in your can waste compartment. Never drop used pouches on the floor, in drains or flush them. 

Don’t Flush Nicotine Pouches

It’s very important not to flush your nicotine pouches. In 2016, Swedish Water & Wastewater Association reported that the equivalent of 1,100 tons of snus was being thrown in the toilet bowl every year, leading to problems at wastewater treatment plants. While snus and nicotine pouches are different, it is still important to be conscious of the environment and water safety when disposing of your pouches.  

Is It Safe To Throw Nicotine Pouches Away? 

While just throwing a cigarette in the bin could potentially cause a fire, or vape juice could leak in the bin, tossing a nicotine pouch in the bin should be a worry-free experience, as it doesn’t leak, smell, or burn. 

The only thing to be mindful of is if there are pets or children with access to the bin who could eat or use the pouches. A used pouch may still have some nicotine in them, and are not safe to swallow, so be sure to dispose of your pouches in a container like the can, or well wrapped, so they are not accidentally accessed.