Nicotine pouches are a new way of consuming nicotine without many of the negative effects of tobacco. Nicotine pouches are free from tobacco and smoke, and get popped under your lip to enjoy a release of nicotine without any smell or damage to your teeth. 

As discreet pouches, they can be used in more places than vape kits, making them an exciting prospect for many smokers trying to quit who find vaping too limiting. 

If you want to try out nicotine pouches, we have some top tips to keep in mind when you are using these nicotine alternatives. 

how to use nicotine pouches

Start With a Low Nicotine Strength

A light smoker is intaking around 6mg of nicotine a day from the cigarettes they smoke, while a heavy smoker, who smokes a pack a day, will be closer to 18mg. It is important to choose a nicotine pouch that is closest to the amount of nicotine you are currently used to. 

As a new user of nicotine pouches, social and light smokers, it is highly recommended to start with the lowest strength nicotine pouches you can get. Here at 4NX, our lowest strength nicotine pouches are 6mg, which are ideal for light smokers. 

Jumping straight in with an 18mg pack of nicotine pouches isn’t a good idea and could make you feel unwell after using such a high strength of nicotine. 

Expect a Tingling Feeling

When you start using nicotine pouches, you may be taken aback by the tingling sensation that you experience in your mouth. Don’t worry; it’s nothing bad! This will just be the feeling of the nicotine being released. 

The tingling feeling will be more intense if you’ve chosen a menthol or spicy ingredient from a flavoured pouch, as this will enhance the sensation. 

At 4NX, we have a wide range of nicotine pouch flavours, from classic mint to fire & ice, and even tropical and watermelon flavours.  


4nx mint pouches

Check Rules Before Travelling

One of the best things about nicotine pouches is how discreet they are, and that they can be used almost any time and anywhere, such as on a plane. However, it’s best to check the rules before you use one abroad.

Rules about nicotine and nicotine products vary quite a lot around the world. While places in the UK are open to people using discreet nicotine pouches, countries including Canada, Australia and Norway have currently banned the sale of nicotine pouches. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the restrictions, rules and regulations for the country you are travelling to before you go abroad with nicotine pouches. 

Ready to try nicotine pouches yourself? Grab a free sample of 4NX and try out this new, discreet method of enjoying nicotine in a tobacco-free and vapour-free way!