Nicotine pouches are a great alternative to cigarettes, but if you’re a newcomer to pouches, it can be difficult to know if they are more effective than vapes. We’ve compiled a few reasons why nicotine pouches are better than vapes.

4nx nicotine pouches are discreet and fit under the top lip, coming in a range of flavours from sweet and fruity to crisp menthol blast.

Here is all the information you need on whether nicotine pouches are better than vapes for helping you on your journey to quitting smoking for good.

Reasons Nicotine Pouches are Better than Vapes

Nicotine pouches are far better for you than tobacco products, but do they beat vaping? There’s no reason you can’t use both; you’ll just have to monitor your nicotine intake. However, there are still some reasons why vapes are more inconvenient than nicotine pouches, as you can use them anywhere at any time.


As mentioned above, nicotine pouches provide a unique and innovative way of discreetly getting nicotine. This is far superior to most devices, such as vapes, to give you a nicotine hit.

Vapes are not only conspicuous, but they’re outright disruptive in social settings. They require you to draw and exhale a cloud of vapour that isn’t exactly pleasant for others in your immediate vicinity. Meanwhile, nicotine pouches present no such issues.

Our nicotine pouches are slim pouches that can be placed under the lip, meaning you can get that nicotine hit wherever and whenever you want without anyone needing to know.

No Vape Tongue

Vapes are a common cause of something known as ‘vape tongue’. This condition consists of the unpleasant sensation of getting a dry mouth which impacts your ability to even taste E-Liquid flavours.

Meanwhile, nicotine pouches don’t dry your mouth out. You can enjoy a refreshingly sweet and juicy Tropical Ice without needing to take a break or constantly rehydrate yourself.

4NX Tropical Ice Nicotine Pouch


There are various restrictions and regulations on vaping, but this doesn’t apply to nicotine pouches.

For instance, if you start getting a nicotine craving while at work or during travel, simply pop a pouch under your upper lip to satisfy the craving. You can even have them on a plane!

In fact, this freedom applies to all forms of public travel; as we mentioned previously, no one will even be aware of what you’re doing! For obvious reasons, you can’t do this with vapes for the comfort of other passengers.

person on plane

More Likely to Help You Quit Smoking

Luckily for vapers, even with the numerous regulations, there are usually restricted places where you can go to vape. Unfortunately, these places are generally smoking rooms.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, using vapes as a substitute only to have to be surrounded by tobacco smoke to take a hit of E-Liquid doesn’t sound ideal. This is the main reason nicotine pouches are gaining in popularity; with no need to curtain yourself off and be stuck around a bunch of smokers, you can avoid the temptation of cigarettes far more easily than vapers can.

If this has inspired you to try nicotine pouches, why not sample a can of 4NX pouches for free?

Here at 4NX, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a smoke-free, stain-free, vapour-free alternative. There are various nicotine strengths and flavours to choose from, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and enhance your nicotine experience!