There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a plane — sometimes for hours — and having no way to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Whether it’s a short flight or you’re travelling further abroad, there are options available for people who want to quit smoking and switch to nicotine pouches.

So are there travelling restrictions regarding nicotine pouches on a plane?

What Nicotine Products Are Allowed on a Plane?

It turns out that there are a lot of restrictions on nicotine consumption on planes. But what about nicotine pouches?

The answer is yes, legally, there are no restrictions on nicotine pouches — that goes for taking them through airport security as well as using them.

You can take them in your hand luggage and when on board your flight, simply pop a pouch out of your tin and under your lip, and no one has to know!

Travel Without Limits

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What Nicotine Products Aren’t Allowed on a Plane?

The freedom that nicotine pouches allow you is very different to other nicotine products, nearly all of which are prohibited. Here are some of the options that are definitely not plane-friendly:


Despite the health risks associated with tobacco, cigarettes used to be acceptable on planes up until the 1990s. However, nowadays, cigarettes are not acceptable to smoke on any airline.

In addition, you can’t take cigarette lighters with you through hand luggage and need to put them in a plastic liquids bag to carry them on your person.

The reason cigarettes are not allowed anymore is fairly simple: they’re not exactly very discreet and are very disruptive to your surroundings in more ways than one. For example, secondhand smoke obscures vision, makes people cough and is hazardous to health.

You can avoid all these problems with nicotine pouches which, as previously mentioned, are acceptable to carry on your person and to use while on a flight, all without disturbing anyone else.


While vapes contain less hazardous chemicals than cigarettes, vaping still has the same problem as smoking in terms of how obtrusive it is — when packed in a tight and cramped space, the last thing people want is a cloud of vapour in their face.

All airlines have banned the use of e-cigarettes on planes although you can carry them on board with you. E-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in checked baggage and can only be stored in your carry-on baggage.

Want to escape judgement and be able to get that nicotine hit without bothering others? Try a free sample of our nicotine pouches, as they are perfectly legal to use on a plane and you can easily avoid the issues you may find with vapes or cigarettes.

Discreet and convenient, our tobacco-free nicotine pouches give you a steady supply of nicotine and come in a range of flavours, such as refreshing menthol blasts or juicy and tropical flavours. If you’re looking to get some nicotine that you can take anywhere, even on a plane, take a look at our plane-acceptable nicotine pouches!
Here at 4NX, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a range of smoke-free options they can have anywhere, any time. There are plenty of different nicotine strengths and flavours to choose from, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and enhance your nicotine experience!